It started with an honest email from a previous client sharing her difficult transition back to work following her maternity and how she’s suffered with postpartum depression since.



Founded in 2013, Baby Caravan is an education and service based company in New York City supporting parents during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first months of their baby’s life. We developed a unique “back-to-work” coaching and support program for mothers ending their maternity leave and returning to their workplace.


Meet the Team


Jennifer Mayer

Founder & CEO

Jennifer founded Baby Caravan a Maternity & Parenting services company in New York City. She developed the Back-to-Work curriculum to better support her clients returning to work following maternity leave. Jennifer combines her background asa labor doula for over a decade, degree in Women and Gender Studies, and 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. She has supported hundreds of families during the transition of pregnancy, childbirth birth, and the first months of a new baby’s life. Jennifer lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and son.



Libby Unger


"It has been an incredible gift to work with Jen to bring Baby Caravan at Work to life. It is certain to change the way businesses approach parental leave and positively impact the overall employee experience and bottom line results." 

Libby has spent her career working with companies to shape their future and deliver on their promises to customers, investors, partners and employees. She chooses to work with companies that are founded on the principles of empowerment, accountability, and excellence – and with leaders serving a purpose greater than themselves and who are always searching for new ways to learn, grow and make an impact.

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