“For all positions except executives and physicians…the typical (median) cost of turnover was 21% of an employee’s salary.”

-Center for American Progress “There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees”


Our Programs

Parental Leave & Corporate Consulting Program

Initial Consult

During our first meeting, we discuss the Company’s current programs and how they’re working or not working; the Company’s core values and goals in regards to culture development; and the Company’s “why” behind talent acquisition and parental support programs.


Baby Caravan at Work will identify leading practices and programs to achieve the company’s goals, as well as enhance existing programs. We present the Company with a proposal for the program, custom designed to meet the Company’s goals and vision.


We help you implement the program, so that everything is set in place to handle the transition of parental leave. We train HR, Managers, Team Members and Parent Employees in preparation for individuals taking a leave of absence. This includes sensitivity training, education on the needs of pregnant & parent employees. Materials are delivered via 1:1 education, videos, and written resources.

Continued Support

Baby Caravan at Work continues to support the Company following the program implementation through on going leadership and employee coaching. Depending on your needs, we provide quarterly, or yearly continual evolution of the programs with the company. We help your company stay current. This includes training new staff members, conducting surveys to access impact, and modifying course content as the programs develops and matures with your leadership and employees.


New Parent Coaching Program


We have a range of coaches on board, ready to assist with career counseling, lactation counseling, postpartum & parent coaching, and health coaching. When you enroll an employee in the Parental Support Program, we will provide coaching services for them.



how our program works:  A parent's Journey



Pregnancy & Birth

We train HR and management how to seamlessly accommodate and support an employee when she or he announces there's a baby on the way. We help your employees stay engaged throughout the pregnancy experience.



Parental Leave

We provide education and 1:1 coaching to your employee so that she or he gets the most value from their time on leave, and is able to fully prepare for their return to work following the new parenthood transition. 



Return to Work

We train HR and management around the needs of new parent employees- such as necessary lactation breaks in the day, flexibility in scheduling, and a hard stop at the end of the work day. 

We help parents returning from leave stay engaged through 1:1 coaching via lactation counselors and back-to-work specialist to assist them into their new role as employed parent.


Our Program is designed to support both mothers and fathers during pregnancy, preparing for leave, birth, postpartum, and returning to work following leave.

Although the program draws from a mother’s experience, a portion of our program is focused on the partner’s perspective because we understand that importance as well. Our program is built with inclusivity of both male and female partners, surrogate and adopting families.